Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: The Overlook & Walter's Pub


Along the Ohio River the views are spectacular as you head 15 miles west of Corydon on scenic highway 62, but the real treat is The Overlook Restaurant. It sits atop a bluff, giving views of the Ohio River, Kentucky, and miles of hills. The view alone would be worth the drive or ride, and many people do make the drive, or ride, as the Overlook is family restaurant, biker destination, and pub, all rolled into one; but the food will keep you longing to return. Among the dinners, sandwiches, and salads, are some specialties. The fried chicken is incredible, as are the chicken livers, two of their specialties. But newer on the menu, the hand-cut, hand-breaded to order pork tenderloin is moist, tender, and has a very tasty seasoned breading. The desserts greet you at the door on your way in, and are delicious. The 'Death by Chocolate' cake is enough to kill, or should I say, serve, two; and is as decadent as it sounds. If you just want some flatbread pizza, a drink, or an outstanding BBQ pulled pork sandwich (comes with homemade chips,) sit out on the deck, Walter's Pub. The Overlook has something for everyone, and is one family restaurant that will never make bikers in their leathers feel out of place either in the restaurant or out side at Walter's Pub. The help makes everyone feel at home, so do make the journey to this gem of a destination!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hoosier Burn Camp 2013 Ride

It was a perfect day to ride 90 miles up to Brookston, IN from Anderson, IN for the Hoosier Burn Camp Visitor's Day at Camp Tecumseh. We headed West out Historic 8th Street before joining up with other bikers, and ABATE photographer Maelene Grenat, to ride into camp together with other bikers. The kids were lined up and waved to all of us as we rode through the camp. After we parked, then they rode on fire trucks to meet us. After the kids sang and did motions to camp songs, there were tours of the camp. There were many fireman there with equipment for the kids to see, and even some firehouse dogs! We saw where the kids stay, ride horses, swim, garden, and have all kind of fun in this week provided for them. The kids are burn victims ages 8-18. There were firetruck lifts to give kids a ride high in the air. I've wanted to see the camp, since it is where the funds have gone  from the ABATE charity gearcheck which I've been privileged to volunteer for these last couple of years. The combination of kids, bikers, firemen and food was a great time for a great cause! Thanks to all who made this possible!

Monday, May 20, 2013

West Baden,French Lick Ride



I've wanted to visit the French Lick/West Baden area for years, so we decided that it would be a great ride destination. Getting there from east central Indiana took us south and west on Indiana Highways 9 through Greenfield, 44 through Franklin, 37 past Bloomington, and 56 into the Hoosier Forrest. The hills, curves and forest make for excellent riding scenery. You will pass through the Limestone Capital of the world, Bedford Indiana, and you will know it by the signs and rock formation displays. The limestone mined around Bedford is of the quality that has made it good enough to be used in the Pentagon, the Empire State Building, the Builtmore Estate and the Washington National Cathedral.
Many have been draw toward this area of southwest Indiana over it's more than 100 years of rich history. The mineral springs were believed to be curative to bath in and drink. Several smaller hotels sprang up, but the two large hotels now standing, West Baden Springs Hotel, and French Lick Resort, are fully renovated and worth some time to stop and take a look to stretch your legs from the ride. Here's a bit of history. The 1855 Mile Lick Hotel burned in 1901, and was rebuilt at great cost in 1902 with the famous 'world's largest dome.' After the stock market crash in 1929, business declined and the hotel closed in 1932. In 1934 Jesuits bought the hotel for $1 and used it as a seminary until 1964. After years of neglect and attempts at preservation, it reopened in 2006-2007 as resort and casino.
You will definitely want to park in the designated motorcycle parking behind West Baden Springs Hotel and walk through the gardens and paths. Also, a short ride down the street is the French Lick Resort. Across the street is a square with restaurants, French Lick Harley Davidson store (no Harleys, except one on display) with T-shirts, other clothing and merchandise. We parked just beyond the square on Maple Street at a Bar and Grill called 22 Brink street, and enjoyed a pork chop  dinner surrounded by sports memorabilia, including much from Larry Byrd. If you haven't had enough riding in by the time you've seen all this, take and extra loop through even more the Hoosier National Forrest by going around Patoka land and the hills and twists by taking 145 South, 164 West, 545 North and back on 56 East. This is the perfect ride and destination for lots of relaxing and getting away from it all, so you may want to take a few days here!



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Firehouse BBQ & Blues

The Firehouse BBQ & Blues is quite the combination of food, atmosphere, and fun. It is housed in a two story 1860 Firehouse in the middle of old downtown Richmond, Indiana. Richmond firefighters Tom Broyles and Rick Bolen began the painstaking renovation of the building in 2009. The firehouse still has all kinds of nostalgic touches, including the fire pole (sorry, you can’t slide down it!) There’s a dining room with stage, where live music was playing the evening we were there.  The bar is in the next section, and there is a 2nd floor banquet hall just up an open antique oak stairway. The old building and atmosphere alone draw a crowd, but sit down and get ready for outstanding BBQ smoked on site in a traditional ‘low and slow’ method. The brisket was tender, juicy, with a great smoky flavor. The ribs were just as tender (fall off the bone tender) juicy and flavorful. I haven’t found better anywhere. You will want to go here several times, and get in on the other items: pulled pork, wings, wraps, BBQ chicken breasts, Jalapeno sausage, firehouse chili, loaded baked potatoes, salads, and homemade sides like cheesy potatoes, baked beans, scalloped cabbage, and potato salad. The Firehouse is also biker friendly. It has biker nights on some Tuesdays, with food and drink specials and a blues band. There were about 2-3 dozen bikes the night we were there, and the outside seating was the perfect place to meet and greet, while those not arriving on bikes tended to eat inside. All this is served up by a great friendly staff intent on making your time here so enjoyable, you’ll find yourself wanting to stay long and return soon. You can find the Firehouse at 400 North 8th Street, Richmond Indiana, 47374.  Open 11-9 Monday –Thursday;  11-12 Friday and Saturday, closed Sunday. Carry Out Available 765.488.0312


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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: Carol's Cornerstone Cafe

Nostalgia surrounds the Historic National Road, US Highway 40, which cuts across the center of Indiana, and this is especially so at Carol’s Cornerstone Café. It’s located just two blocks east of the Hancock County courthouse in Greenfield, at Main Street (US 40) and Spring Street. The Antique cars, Gas Station signs, fireplace and memorabilia set the tone for a comfortable place to eat, relax, and even listen to homegrown gospel and bluegrass music on some evenings. The menu is large, the food reasonably priced, the evening buffet well stocked, and the help will make you feel at home. The fried chicken is juicy and tasty. As you can see from the picture, the tenderloin may not be huge, (it’s just right) but it’s obviously freshly cut, hand breaded, juicy and extremely tender. And it’s just $7.75 including two homemade sides or salad bar. The salad bar has several homemade salads, and the buffet has plenty of homemade items, like chicken and noodles, fried chicken, ham, and sides. Our server, Charity, was very friendly and let us know that when they had music in the evenings, people were known to fill the center isle dancing. With its comfortable nostalgic setting and wide assortment of freshly made entrees reasonably priced, we will be riding back to this gem of a Café often!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brown County State Park

Autumn in Indiana is just not complete without a ride to Southern Indiana’s Brown County State Park. Just 60 miles south of Indianapolis on IN 135, and 22miles east of Bloomington on highway 46, these 15,766 acres are a destination for thousands, including plenty of bikers. You can log onto before you go to check and see how the colors are turning on their leaf cam (no joke!). You could spend the day here, with picnic tables ready for you, two small lakes, and hiking trails. But you also could easily combine your trip to the park with other nearby bike-friendly places: Nashville, IN only a mile to the west on 46/135, Gnaw Bone (see Oct. 27th post) 4 miles to the East,  Columbus 18 miles to the East on 46 or Story, IN (see post April 18, 2012- Southern Indiana Loop ) 6 miles to the South on 135. There is the Abe Martin Lodge right in the park, where you can eat and stay, open year round. The nearly 20 miles of roads in the park often follow the hills peaks, making views stretching out for miles on both sides. There are plenty of places to stop and put your kickstand down, and a few towers from which to take pictures, not that you can’t get plenty of scenic shots without climbing them. One suggestion, during peak fall colors, go during the week, since weekends will often end up in miles of vehicles waiting to get in the gate. There are fees, but reasonable, $5.00 for an instate vehicle (car or motorcycle) and $7.00 for an out-of-state vehicle. It’s a small price for the experience.  This destination will not disappoint any time of year, but the fall colors are the gem that bring people from great distances to see the spectacular panoramas.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: Gnaw Mart

What do Patrick Duffy, Gourmet magazine, and NBC’s Today show have in common? They all have noticed a particular food at a GAS STATION in Indiana! Not just any food, but the hand-breaded, fried-to-order Tenderloins that keep people coming from all over Indiana and the nation. It’s been out of business twice, but for the last two years the gas station which is now called Gnaw Mart, has been back open for business. It’s in the town of Gnaw Bone, just 5 miles east of quaint and motorcycle-friendly Nashville Indiana, on Indiana highway 46. If you don’t mind eating in a store room, ordering your tenderloin beside people paying for super-unleaded gas, then you’ll find the juiciest, most flavorful tenderloin this biker has ever tasted! Tell your non eat-and-get-gas friends to shop next door at the antique mall while you pig out, but do what you must to not miss this treat! Though there are other items on the menu, the $6.50 full size tenderloin is the one to get, and do eat the chips that come with it. I’m no fan of potato chips, but these homemade chips are really good. The help is friendly, the atmosphere is humble, but if you’re a tenderloin fanatic, make the trek to Gnaw Mart!

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